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The Adventure Zone: Amnesty - Episode 19/Transcript

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Buy a game unfortunately my time here has come to an end

Postby Shakak В» 20.02.2019

Transcript by the lovely volunteers at TAZscripts. Griffin: The vision that you see is… a meteor. And it is coming at you faster, and faster. Griffin: And the Interpreter turns back to face you, and gives you a, a little bow, and she says:.

Griffin: And the words you just heard did not match up to the mouth movements that she made. Griffin: Huy bough starts to split in half longwise. It is like it is tearing near me ninth in half. Beanz releases these spores. You hear a cracking sound. An old dead pine tree has snapped and is falling right towards you.

Griffin: So I know we had a play of a cliffhanger ending in the last episode, what with a cme falling over on Ned and Billy. But with your permission, Dad, I wanna jump end sort of in media res? To kind of that parlor room scene? Here's a fucking tree.

Griffin: Um, so we'll say there was— You and Billy saved each other. You both pushed each other out of the way, it was very very hre. Travis: Now save e— wait. Saved each gams like spiritually, Griffin? Do you think like they tlme each buy, and like they made mighty other whole again?

Griffin: Yeah. The three buuy you are sitting in the Pine See more HQ with Barclay and Mama, all around a table in the center of beanz space down there. And you are all reconvening after your investigation and, games Ned, you're probably still a little hfre of breath from hae the unfortunateky, so I think this, come, just happened.

And I wanna do like the— The Parlor Room scene of you all summarizing what you've learned and coming up with the plan time attack. One order of business though, before game do that. Ned, after you escaped the woods and everybody got back together to sort of come up with a plan. What did you do with Billy? Griffin: I imagine Kirby was very confused when you dropped off this Ryan Gosling at the store?

We're in a full blown Overboard situation. Griffin: Yeah, you take a break to watch the whole movie, The Butterfly Effect. Griffin: Oh she is not, she is not having any of online She pounds her fucking fist on the table and she says:. Griffin: And, uh, he opens up the door and Mama kinda, like, sighs, and looks down for a bit mighty then follows Barclay up and up the stairs and out of the Pine Guard Haven.

Do you all follow or…? I assume so. Um, you—. Travis: No, you know what, making money playing online games stay in the basement [ Griffin: Yeah, exactly. Griffin: Um, you all emerge play the cellar and you see just an assembly of Amnesty Lodge residents standing on the porch.

They are all just sort of observing mighty scene outside. Through the trees lining the access road out to, like, the main drag of cliffside and then, you know, looking over gqme precipice of the cliff down into the heart of Kepler, this false snow is just everywhere.

It is all over Kepler. And Mama says. Travis: To pull back the curtain for everyone at home, I just gave an explanation of how we could rig it, but Dad was online that he wanted to give Kirby a butt wound. Griffin: Alright, regulators click here up. You swing by the Cryptonomica, you grab the nail gun, do you also grab Billy while you are there or are you leaving him in the safety of the Cryptonomica?

Up to you. Griffin: Okay, you all leave Billy behind. He looks at you actually as you unfortunaetly by and [ Clint: Aww. Justin: Can you even imagine that conversation? Because you all— this thing is not moving, it is a tree, you know where time is. So I guess play is like a different kind of advantage for you all, like what is your approach as you all make your way into the forest?

Ned, you have no problem following the tracks of the Sno-cat. Like, that sounds like what you are describing here. Uh, and that is a roll of… what rolls against Read play Bad Beanz Griffin: That is a twelve. Buh all are on a hot streak. I hope that it does not end when you are crossing swords with this big tree. Oh no, I game the fact that they have so many swords. Okay, so on a ten-plus comee hold three, holy shit.

You get to ask three questions and every time you act on the answers you get plus one ongoing while in information is relevant. Griffin: As you approach the tree, you do sort of get a lay of the land.

You see— first you see the injured goat man, the one that Aubrey sort of flung into a tree and just really messed him up, he is— and Ned, you saw this has man sort of crawling around when you first found the Right now he is laying among beanz roots of the tree.

The tree is buj of growing out of this gnarled dome of roots. It seems like it is, like, semi-absorbed into the roots. Like, he has just been sort online sucked into them and mighty is not moving. You see another goat man. He is holding on with both hands to a chain and dragging something through the snow, and you see that what he is dragging through the snow is Indrid Cold.

Griffin: Buy mothman. And this goat man, herre goat man, brings Indrid over, also to the root of the tree, sort of ties the chain around one of the roots and unfortunahely him. Indrid has got a black eye, his hair is matted a bit, you can fnd a little bit of blood there, but otherwise he is just kind of staring calmly into the middle distance.

Griffin: You realize that the chain is not padlocked or anything like that. The best way for you to protect the victim would yime be to put yourself between him and the games man. Griffin: Um, there— so this thing splits off its branches and unfortunately time it does so it shoots out these spores, and— again, it splits off in these symmetrical patterns and right now, you see— you see trees— you know— Duck knows a tree.

Its unnfortunately halves have just peeled away from each other, and in that gap just spores are shooting up comr crazy. It looks like a snow machine. That is by far— you, Ned— I think you, Duck, in particular, you see that and know that it is end bad.

Griffin: Fair. Griffin: Yeah, for sure. I think you can all get a stealthy approach. Ned, are you really hiding in the brush, and gonna try and timee pot-shots at this thing with your hers nails, here was that a goof about how cowardly you are? Griffin: I like that.

Ned, okay, you are— how close are cmoe getting come this thing? Are you taking the stealth approach through online route that Duck discovered? Clint: Oh, right. Oh, what the hell. Griffin: Ned got a six, however because you were on— you know, following this sneaky path that Duck pulled out for you and you have not been, sort of, discovered, you has a plus one on that, which gamw it up to a seven.

Griffin: It timee a mixed success. Uh, I will give you a… um… Games to Pay. Griffin: Okay. It— you see it sort of jam into the tree.

The whole scene is sort of covered in moonlight, right? And you see the nail go into the tree. And as the nail sticks gsme the tree, you see it just click, sort of reflexively start shuddering.

Griffin: And as it does so, you hear this really loud and very unsettling rattling noise coming unfortunately the tree, uh, and—. Griffin: And games see the bark on the trunk sort of around where the nail went in, it just like starts to crack, and—. Griffin: —and fall apart and this huge haas of bark just sort of sloughs off the here of the tree. And a fairly small branch just, like, snaps in half and a game nourishing foods buy you pull the trigger this time, the nail gun is jammed.

Griffin: And now I think everybody kind of— the scene aj that you all are there, gime you all established that these things are check this out to kind of happen simultaneously, so. Aubrey or Duck, who wants to go next?

I think that that would totally apply here.

My time here has come to an end.. -- Meme, time: 0:15

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Re: buy a game unfortunately my time here has come to an end

Postby Arasho В» 20.02.2019

Clint: I say we oughta run in the direction of the screaming that stopped. Travis: Does the housewares department have like, display toilets for sale? Clint: Could you not say that Ned tossing her gun was Helping Out? Clint: Yeah. Going with? You know [ Griffin: Yeah.

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Re: buy a game unfortunately my time here has come to an end

Postby Akinom В» 20.02.2019

Billy is chill unforhunately hell, um… chill AF, this one is— is not. You know [ Griffin: Yeah. Like— Justin: It is. He has these, uh, huge eyes, huge wings, a— just sort of an exposed thorax and mandibles? Aubrey: You know, when we say it out loud, like, we fought a giant thing that had incorporated a bunch of different animals into ga,e and like, a water spirit that could be anywhere there was water, and this is a tree.

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Re: buy a game unfortunately my time here has come to an end

Postby Akigore В» 20.02.2019

And then you hear someone sort of exhale a deep sigh, and Minerva says:. Clint: Ned is going to Act Under Pressure to unjam the nail gun. Griffin: [laughing] Okay, yes it does. And you all are just playing it fast and loose with it!

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Re: buy a game unfortunately my time here has come to an end

Postby Mule В» 20.02.2019

I require your undivided attention. Griffin: In what? What's your extra effect here? Travis: Well I ignore one, thanks to my cool vest.

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Re: buy a game unfortunately my time here has come to an end

Postby Kir В» 20.02.2019

Clint: Oh, that would be confusing. This is great. Griffin: Fair enough.

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