• Porfavor nunca más al casino san manuel i morongo 10 años jugando de 5. 880 . i .25 .dólares po puchon i 300
    A. 500 . Dolores por máquina i en ese tiempo solo me e sacado un premio de 1300 si cada ves que piensen ir ahorran lo que van a jugar serán felises

  • This is one of my favorites and a go to for me because Ive hit on it before.

    1. +Aaron Abilene I tried black widow alot, but Raja slot guy played it so much that he ruined it for everybody lol

  • Antier aposte por 50 y 10 lineas me cayo todos los coyotes pe gago 117mil

  • This is a really nice collection, and you always play very well, but the coyotes howling at the moon drive me crazy. By the way, did you notice that the Buffalo super bonus collection title screen also says Coyote Moon?

  • Están todas programadas para no pagar , aunque la apuesta es da la jugada correcta

  • Its cool to see this whole collection… If Blue does the WD I think thats like 39 hours… Lol

  • You have had some amazing wins on this game. Congrats! The 10 cents one really pay out I see

    1. +koldestwinter yeah sometimes it could pay really well if the wilds line up right 😉

  • congrats. that wouldnt happen to me. slots just vacuum out all of my money and send my home with my head down.

    1. I had 3 hanpdays on the same night and i left with 10 grand and played them off in next 2 months, I had a lot of fun doing it though, I dont regret. I did buy an iphone with it

  • Así pagaban antes pero en estos tiempos no te cae nada ni se acomodan las figuras nada mas te quitan tu dinero la q sea ninguna te paga ni para jugar ni te entrtienes te cae el bono y te dan una miseria ya nada es como antes todo cambio en todas partes mucho perder y robo pero a la jente le gusta entretenerse son mis favoritas y la de los cangrejitos vay

  • Im a slot lover too ! If you want to try the best online slots I recommend you try here:

    1. Unfortunately, online slots doesnt do it for me, I love playing on real physical machines but thanks for the message.

  • Porfavor nunca más al casino San manuel i morongo no dan nada yo acabo de jugar como siempre i lle puse 200 dolar i me equiboque i el primer puchon me Quito cincuenta dolar pero me dio mi al instante i seguir me Quito los mil que me dio i de mi bolsillo le dejé. .1400 Mas con los mil que me dio le jugué 2400 en total i ya no me dio un solo sentado más me dejo en serio do y ar PO algún motivo tengo muchos dólares si nunca más ban ahorrarán más i serán felises e visto señoras llorando que an perdido la renta comparten

  • some nice wild hits on a very tough game. i play this only very occasionally. more like annually at the moment. prefer the sister game wolf run.
    thanks for shaing

    1. Thanks for watching. I like this one better than wolf run because in my personal experience the coyotes are more frequent than the wolfs

    1. Yeah old machine with old cabinet on a bad lighting corner… but yeah the bills were real when they gave me that 6 grands 😉